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Welcome to I Got 2 Run, the website totally dedicated to running. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or totally pro at this fun sport, we have information for you. I think running is fun - a celebration of life and a great way to get in shape and justify food and wine intake.

I'll try to give you the simplest and easiest way I know to get your running game up and... running. One thing to know first off is not everybody is the same when running. Some of us are turkey trotters, some of us tread at the speed of light.

The main question you have top ask yourself: Why do you run? To get in shape - to stay in shape - just for fun. You must have goals in order to stay motivated but trying to reach them too quick can hurt you on the path of running. Click Here

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Their are many way to enjoy running. Early morning, , midday or late at night. In the wood, in a race or in the downtown busy streets. All Alone, in a group or with your headphones on.

The Main qualities that you need to be able to run are in your head. Its's a mix of will power, motivation and patience.

I hope you enjoy the site, right now , I Got To Run

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