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For elite athlete 10K races are usually all out running. Not sprints per say but going out strong and fast and keeping that pace. The 10K run record is somewhere in the 28 minute range. This is a good race for intermediate level to get and idea of what it's all about.

Running a base:
Running a base training is essential to be able to participate in any race. Base training builds up stamina. Starting off with running a mile or a 2k friendly run is a great motivator and can be a first goal to acheive.

Running 10k:
Running 10K is easy if you are prepared. First thing you need to understand is that your

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running results are not an issue, be addicted to finishing. Once you've finished running your first 10k you can focus on trying to do the second one a bit faster.You can train to run a 10K is a short period of time.

You can start by running for 30 minutes, just to see where this gets you distance wise. Take that base distance and add 10-15% every week for 2 weeks. Cut back 10% on the 3rd week. Work you way up to 10K. If your training for a particular date, make sure to taper off a few days before the race to be well rested.

Since this is a 10k race, Running 10K as practice before the race should not prevent you from finishing it. I would recommend taking a few slows days before coming to the race (35-45% of your normal distance). Marathons are not to be ran as practice as they demand too much on your body to be done a few days before a meet.

Speed runs:
Speed runs and intervals will help you acheive faster times and better running results, they consist of running a fast as you can and then walking or jogging off the lactic acid and repeating for this for 10 times.


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