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You are what you eat, no doubt about that. As a runner, your diet needs to be beefed up a bit , as your body might be hungrier than before. Hydration is another very important part of your daily food intake.

Because you are buising your body at least 3 times a week. Extra doses of vitamin A, C and E, Omega3 fatty acids, proteins and Zinc are recommended for runners. Ligaments suffer when you run and a good dose of Omega 3 and Proteins helps the inflammation. Repairing those damaged body part requires some Protein. As a runner, your immune system will take a beating a few days after long runs, vitamine E will help boost your immune system and prevent. Good fats are essential to a runner, like the ones found in almonds and avocados, to help the health of your cells.


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Pre run meal:

Everybody has their favorite pre-run meal. Just make sure it is balanced for the energy that will be required of you. Barely eating anything before a long run is like going for a drive when the tank is on empty. Tha being said not everybody goes threw food the same way. People that are hypoglycemic go threw stored fats like gaz goes threw a 1977 Cadillac. Carb loading is always a must the day before a big meet, this will permit you to have the much needed juice for the long haul of race day.

Post run meal:

Hydration, the first and foremost essential part of a post run meal. Many little problems that we have during our regular day are cause by dehydration. After a run, even if your drank during the run, get the water in there or some Gatorade to help restore the electrolytes and prevent pain 2 or 3 hours after the run.

If you've been watching what you eat during the last 6 weeks for this marathon, and you've ran a personnal PR, eat whatever you like and plenty of it. If your just running weekly and need to get energy in your body after a run, just eat healty and load up on healing foods as best as you can. Stay away from fried foods and sugar if possible. I never recommend any alcool after any exercise unless it's accompanied by a tall glass of water.

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