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Race Day:


This is your first time, you waited a long time and worked hard to get to this point. Your body is trained, now it's your mind you need to control. Do not try to go out like a rocket, take it slow, some people might even pass you, let them go. There is a tempo that is set in a race, the race tempo. There is also your tempo, and that is what your have to follow. You can establish where you should start in the race crowd by the time needed to complete the race written on the sides of the starting line. Start off slower than race pace for the first kms to see how your body reacts, you'll still be going way faster than you anticipated. Try to maintain the speed you set out for this race and increase only if you feel really confortable. Chances are you will be running a distance that you never done on a course you've never tried, take it easy.


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If you have a chance to actully drive the course or walk parts of it, do it . Seeing what the starting area will look like will help you not be overwhelmed by it come race day.

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You've been threw this several times already and you know the drill. If your not injured and you've tappered off accordingly coming in to the meet, you should be in great shape. if your looking for a PR race, make sure you've mapped out where the "tricky parts" are on the course (bridge - head wind). You need to have enough gusto saved up for these moments, but also need to be able to keep the pace once they are cleared. Bonking or blowing up because of of hard portion of the race is not what you plan for. Slow it down just a notch when coming to the "portion" of the race that is hard. after you gone threw it - slowly move back up to race pace. Start slow finish Strong.


It's now all in the mind. Heaven forbid injuries, the elite athlete need to really focus on positive visualisation of his race and his race challenges. If your at this level, your body is already an energy efficient running machine. You can boot it and keep it up ! Of course exceptionnal athlete do come now and then, having a VO2 Max of a cheetha but the endurance of a polar bear.

Your racing against yourself, and the other runners that's come to race this event. If your in for the win, you might have to adjust to someone else's pace, but you been practicing this for such a long time, just do what you gotta do.

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